“Wanna see a picture of my baby that died?” she said.

The following is a link to a blog that started following my blog today.  I couldn’t help but connect with this article.  I too felt the need to tell strangers about the death of my children.  Not so much show them a picture, but to let them know how much pain I have endured and I am still standing, functioning.  I still feel the need to tell people/stranger that I have lost a child and always find a way to work it into the conversation.  Is it fair to put this on strangers?  I don’t know, is it fair that I have to walk around with this in my head on the time?  I am going to go with a “no” for both of those questions.  But its part of my therapy to tell my story.  Enjoy the article.  Its an interesting topic.  Peace.  Kelly

“Wanna see a picture of my baby that died?” she said..

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3 Responses to “Wanna see a picture of my baby that died?” she said.

  1. Marty Tousley says:

    A stunning piece, Kelly ~ thank you so much for pointing us to it. How fitting that I should find and read it on May 23 ~ the birthday of our son who died 47 years ago, at the age of just three days.♥

  2. Deanna says:

    Thank you for sharing my story. And also for sharing yours.

    • GrievingDads says:

      You are welcome. Its a great topic and one I never really thought about before. For the non-bereaved parent hearing that conversation they would be appalled and think this girl was crazy. However, I see the pain she is carrying and the need to get it out. Peace. Kelly

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