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Grieving Dads: To the Brink and BackAll grieving dads and anyone who loves or cares for him should read this book.  This isn’t another “rainbows and butterflies” grief book, it’s hard hitting and it reveals the truth about the aftermath of losing a child.  It was written by an expert on the subject, a fellow grieving dad who has walked this horrific journey.

Grieving Dads:  To the Brink and Back is available for $19.95 and can be ordered directly from Amazon by clicking here.

BLACK SILICONE WRIST BAND – Text Reads “Grieving Dad – Love is Forever

Many people ask me (including men) what to put in a care package for a dad that has lost a child.  There are many ideas for moms, but not so much for dads.  Because I never really knew how to answer that question, I asked the grieving dads that follow me on Facebook what they would like to see in a care package and many of them responded with “wristband”.  As a result of that response, I created the wristband with the words “Grieving Dads – Love is Forever”.  Below is a sample photo of what the band looks like.  If you are interested in purchasing this wristband, please click here to be directed to Amazon to place an order.  You can also order a copy of my book and the wristband will be included in the order if ordered from my sellers page.imagesLT9SRGS5If you are a registered not for profit organization (503c) that offers care packages to bereaved parents, I would be more than happy to team with your organization to donate these wristbands in order to provide something for the dads.  Please email me if you are interested in teaming.

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Book Reviews

For Dads suffering the loss of a child

“Grieving Dads should be required reading for the family, friends, and co-workers of any Father that has suffered the death of a child. To truly understand what is going on in his head, his heart, and his soul, read this book. 

If you are a grieving dad looking for an answer as to why you are feeling what you are feeling, read this book.

Kelly and David did extensive research and in-depth interviews to determine what a grieving dad should expect to feel as well as why he will feel it, and that the label of “normal” will no longer apply to any aspect of your life.

I personally want to thank Kelly and David for putting into print the deepest, darkest emotions a dad will ever feel, and yet very rarely shares. Grieving Dads is an exclusive club. I pray that you never have to join.” – Fellow Grieving Dad

Honest and Transparent

“This book is a very real and blunt compilation of stories that a few dads have gone through when they experience the death of a child. There are fathers from every generation who have lost a child at any age from birth to adulthood. I lost my infant daughter at 20 days of age and I am so thankful to know there are other dads that have experienced many of the same emotions I am currently experiencing.” – Fellow Grieving Dad

This Really Hits Home

“I have read many books on grief and healing, but Kellys book, WOW… for a dad its speaks volumes.. I have met many grieving fathers and most of them dont say much. And we know why, society and how they deem men should be, I know Im not one to bend to its will, and Ill cry in public if the sadness over my son hits me, I dont care what anyone around me thinks and if they come up and ask if Im ok, Ill tell them the truth, NO.. Im crying over my son that died… Its been a blessing so far reading this book, its RAW, guy wrenching to read, Ive cried so many times already reading about these other fathers and how they lost their children, but as tough as it it, it is eye opening, inspiring and has encouraged me to keep writing… If you are a father that has lost a child read this book. Moms if your struggling relating with your husband, cause those of us that have been through this knows we each grieve differently, please read this book…. and if your a friend of someone that lost a child and your lost want to say or want to help them and not sure how, read this book for tons of insight…. A powerful book of love, grief and overcoming the many things the grief over losing a child can bring you too… like it says To the Brink and Back!!” – Fellow Grieving Dad

Other Reviews

“Kelly Farley just “Gets It”. No one that needs to read this book, wants to read this book. Every word on the pages leaps out at me. I too am a grieving dad. I have made many desperate attempts to “get better”. You can’t really ever recover. This book is about the journey, and others that have taken the unwanted travel into “The Great Sadness” of losing a child. Grieving Dads gives you hope so that you might be able to breath again.Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back”     – Wayne, GA

“After losing our newborn son 4 years ago I have learned there isn’t much out there as far as helpful grief books. I purchased this for my husband, only to crack it open and find that I couldn’t put it down. Bottom line is that it is straight-forward and honest. Being married to a Marine, we’ve had our share of losses in dealing with deployments, combat and death. But losing a child is a thousand times worse and sadly what adds to it is the lack of support we found from our immediate circle of family and friends. This book “gets it.” I now have a book to recommend to others who sadly find themselves going down the same lonely road. But I guess that’s the point, after reading this you suddenly realize that there are many people facing the same grief, and somehow just reading about their stories helps you to deal better with yours.”  – Julie, MI

“This book tells it like it is for a man who is going through the greatest grief of them all, the loss of a child. This book doesn’t just focus on one type of father and one type of situation. It has a very well rounded approach that will provide something for every father who understands what it is like to grieve.” – Reviewer Unnamed

“The book is brutally honest. The author has interviewed several different fathers who have lost their children due to many different causes at a wide range of ages. I picked up some very good insight from the fathers who have been there before and I can relate to those guys. It’s hard to talk about it to someone who hasn’t experienced it, but reading this book has given me some comfort in knowing that there are a multitude of resources out there that will help you.”  – Kevin, MO

“This is an ‘about time’ book that helps dads who have suffered the loss of a child. The reality is that there are not too many books to help this population of bereaved parents. Thank you Kelly for having the endurance and courage to write this book and thank you every father who gave their hearts and stories in knowing that through doing so it would help other grieving dads. This book will help change society’s perspective about how fathers grieve and ultimately help you in a huge way if you are part of this unfortunate club of fathers.”  – Jim, CA

“This book will be extremely helpful to both fathers who have faced the death of a child and very enlightening to anyone dealing with a bereaved father or anyone interested in the subject. The book and stories are brutally honest and not sugar coated, which I think most men would probably prefer. I could not recommend this book more highly to anyone who has had a child die or knows a dad who has been in this situation.”  – Sheldon, VA