Work With Me


Please contact me at (630) 561-5989 if you are interested in having me speak at your next event.

“Kelly’s presentation engaged our audience on both academic and emotional levels and simultaneously challenged both the clinicians and laypersons in the room. His story is heartbreaking, but what he did with his pain inspires and uplifts the audience, and I left the room re-committed to using my own experiences as fuel to make a difference for others. As a speaker, he is charismatic and confident in his material and its delivery, and he fields difficult questions with an ease that can only be acquired by someone who’s chosen to embrace and make the best of incredibly hard times. He is a master of the material for many reasons, the most important being that he has lived it. You can’t get that depth and passion from someone who hasn’t. I highly recommend Kelly’s program to a wide range of groups — from clinicians who want to understand their client base to those who experience grief and want the comfort of knowing they are not alone.”
– Elisa, President, Northern Illinois University Counseling Association 

Recovery Coaching

My passion is helping people reconstruct their lives after a profound life event.  I do this by working one-on-one with the client.  It is not possible to go back to the old you once you have survived a profound life event, that person is gone.  If you would like to work with me please call me at (630) 561-5989.

What Others Are Saying

–  “I enjoyed the feeling of hope that was given through your words”
–  “Kelly hit the nail on the head when speaking of raw emotions”
–  “Kelly was interesting and moving”
–  “Hearing your story has helped me take the steps toward “recovering”” 
–  “Excellent…. “
–  “Kelly was REAL!”